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Komarova Inna Magsumovna

Chief Accountant “AGRONIC” LLC

Languages: Russian


  • Chirchik Industrial College- electrical equipment of industrial enterprises (1992)

Professional Experience:

  • The career of Komarova Inna Magsumovna as an accountant began in 1999 as an economist for an insurance company. Further, over the course of 4 years until 2005, she rose to the position of Chief Accountant at the Republican ICC of the Regional Tax Committee.

  • In 2005, she was invited to the textile industry “Bursel-Tashkent Tekstile” LLC, “Arge Fashion” LLC, “Meram Iplik Boya” LLC “Arteks Tigaret” and others.

  • From 2017 to present, has been operating in the food industry (snacks dairy products, juices and concentrates) in the position of Chief Account.


  • Organization of accounting of financial and economic activities of the enterprise and control over the economical use of material, labor and financial resources, the safety of the property of the enterprise.

  • Formation of an accounting policy in accordance with the legislation on accounting.

  • Control over the conduct of business transactions, compliance with the technology for processing accounting and the procedure for document flow.

  • Organization of accounting for property, liabilities and business transactions, incoming fixed assets, inventory and cash, timely reflection on the accounts of transactions related to their movement, accounting for financial, settlement, and credit transactions.

  • Participation in the economic analysis of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise, in the development and implementation of rational planning and accounting documentation, progressive forms and methods of accounting.

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