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Kakhorov Nozimjon Isokovich

Chief Technologist “AGRONIC”

Languages: Uzbek, Russian


  • Yangiyul Food Technical College of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the UzSSR-Winemaking Technology (1987)

Professional Experience:

  • After graduating from the technical college, was sent to practice at Yangiyul winery, where he worked for a year

  • From 1989 to 1989, worked as a laboratory assistant at the Laboratory of the Production Plant of Turakurgan District.

  • For years, from 1999 to 2008, was the head of the department for the production of dried vegetable products of such industrial associations as: Bakhmal plant of Jizzakh region, Gulistan plant of Syrdarya Region, Berad group of companies.

  • Working from 2011 to 2014 at “Gold Dried Fruits” LLC, he held the position of technologist for the production of dried vegetables and herbs.

  • In 2019 was hired as a technologist at the workshop for the production of dried fruit and vegetable products of “AGRONIC” LLC and continues to work as a chief technologist.


  • Organization of development and implementation of progressive, economically justified, resources, technological processes and modes of production of products manufactured by the enterprise, ensuring and increase in the level of technological preparation and technical re-equipment of production, reducing the cost of raw materials, labor costs, improving product quality, and increasing labor productivity.

  • Leading the drafting of plans for the introduction of new equipment and technology, increasing the technical and economic efficiency of production, the development of technological documentation.

  • Participation in industrial tests of new types of machines and mechanisms, means of mechanization and automation of production, in the work of commissions for the acceptance of equipment systems into operation.

  • Consideration and approval of developments introduced into the technical documentation in connection with the adjustment of technological processes and production modes.

  • Management of work on the organization and planning of new workshops and sections, their specialization, new high-performance technological processes.

  • Compilation and revision of technical conditions and requirements for raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products.

  • Development and implementation of progressive rates of labor costs.

  • Leading research and experimental work on the development of new types of products.

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