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The total area of 23 938,76 sq.m., of which: The production area is 4 720.34 sq.m. Warehouse – 3 408.34 sq.m. The launch of production took place in August 2015.

The total production capacity of more than 300 000 kg of finished products per month. Production is equipped with drying equipment tunnel type “Sandvik” (Italy), as well as auxiliary equipment for the production of dried peppers from Turkey “Makro Krom”.

In addition, the facilities are equipped with the Belgian equipment for cutting materials from the manufacturer “the FAM”, the metal detector to check the finished products “Bigtem makine pazarlama” LTD.STI Company and sorter of “Sisort” (Russia).

Packing of products is made for processing purposes in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner. Currently, the installation of additional equipment for small packing is under way.

Subject to the storage conditions for temperature and humidity, the shelf life of dried products from 12 to 24 months without adding any chemical preservatives and other impurities.

Correctly selected technology for drying vegetables and herbs allows you to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, microelements and the entire composition of useful properties.

Manufacturing Process

Quality control of products grown by trusted suppliers.

Harvested crop is delivered to the enterprise, where it undergoes strict incoming quality control.

The vegetables that have passed strict control go to washing and cutting, the quality of which is also strongly monitored.

Sliced products go to drying, after which the finished products are subjected to another inspection and check on a metal detector.

Final control to ensure the highest quality of products supplied to customers and future consumers.

Modern technologies of packing and packaging allows vegetables and herbs to keep freshness, natural taste and aroma for a long time.

From the warehouse products will be shipped and delivered to the customers.