Beetroot in a vacuum package

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Vacuum boiled beets, ready to consume.

The advantages of our products: 100% natural composition-vegetables in their own juice. Unique technology is used  for production to preserve fresh aroma and beautiful appearance of vegetables. Guaranted quality as a system of special selection of vegetables and quality control in production has been introduced.

Clean and tidy preparation for the use of products.

Convinient and practical-it is easy to comply with the requierements of the commodity neighborhood.

We use only natural ingredients and the best varieties of beets. Delicate aroma and perfect structures upto 12 monthes!

Average values may fluctuate depending on natural conditions and varietal characteristics within the limits typical for products from natural raw materials. Store at a temperature of 0° C to 25° C, relative humidity no more than 75%

Store in a place protected from direct sunlight.