Onions are one of the healthiest vegetables around. A source of vitamin B, and C, rich in trace elements, it is rightfully considered a natural antibiotic. It is no coincident that onions are so popular in cooking.
Onions are truly a versatile seasoning. On its own, and when combined with other vegetables and herbs, it will bring new flavors to any recipe


Dried onions keep the vitamin and mineral composition of fresh onions.
It contains an essential oil containing sulfur; sugars, maltose (up to 11%), inulin, phytin acid, in addition, nitrogenous substances (up to 2.5%), vitamins C (10mg%), B1 (60%), vitamin A (carotene), flavonoids (quercetin and its glycosides), traces of iodine.
Leaves (“feather”) contain essential oil, sugars, vitamin C (20%), B2 (50mg%), vitamin A (4 mg%), citric, malic and other acids. The whole plant has phytonocidal activity.
Dried onions retain most of their useful properties. The moisture content of onions is up to 14%.