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Beets cannot be confused with anything! For is unique color and soft taste, it has long become a favorite of culinary experts around the world. There are many reasons to love beets: a variety of salads, snacks and, of course borscht!
This vegetable has earned its popularity not only because of its unique taste, but also due to vitamins and minerals it contains.
Vitamins A, C, B9, copper, phosphorus, folic acid-this is not a complete list of beetroot benefits. And of course, the unique substance betaine, which regulates fat metabolism and helps the liver.


Beets are usually eaten boiled: there is even a myth that fresh beets can be dangerous to health. But even a boiled vegetable contains only 49 calories and a lot of fiber –an excellent choice for those who care about their shape and proper digestion.
But there is also a fly in the ointment in this story. It takes several hours to cook beets, and everything that a bright vegetable touches will acquire a pinkish-red hue.
Beetroot powder will help save time and effort. It will add flavor, benefits and bright color of this vegetable to your dish without unnecessary hassle.