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Thanks to its numerous dignities, carrot should have been sold in drugstores instead of groceries. Carrot is extremely rich in carotene, and fiber, potassium, iron, phosphorus, C vitamin and folic acid.

Dried carrot is very useful for eyesight, because it strengthens retina, helps fight myopia and rapid eye-strain, and soothes digestive and nervous system. If carrot is eaten on  aregular basis, its vitamins and minerals increase body energy, build up immune system, and stimulate regeneration processes in body.

Dried carrot contains: sugars (up to 15%), oils (0.1-0.7%), nitrogenous substances, mineral salts, asparagine, umbelliferone, flavonoids (up to 0.3%), a number of enzymes (amylasa, invertase, protease, lipase, peroxidase, catalase) Pigments-Various carotenoids, phytoene, phytofluene, lycopene, and various vitamins.